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eu4 culture and conversion

eu4 culture and conversion


Culture teams in 1444

Individual cultures in 1444

  • Culture icon.png In the sport, cultures are divided into teams. Each province has one dominant culture, and every nation has one main culture with probably a number of accepted/promoted cultures

    Primary culture

    All international locations have one main culture. This is generally fastened, though it may be modified both by the culture mechanics or through sure nationwide selections.

    Cultural shift

    Any accepted culture that has not less than 50% of the event of the nation’s state cores could be promoted to the first culture of the nation. This prices 100Diplomatic power.png diplomatic energy, and replaces the earlier ‘Accept Cultural Shift’[1] determination. The earlier main culture will consequently develop into an accepted culture.

    The participant can’t shift to a culture that’s accepted as a result of cultural union granted by Empire stage authorities.

    It could be advantageous for a participant to set a brand new main culture to have the ability to type a rustic with a unique tag (with new nationwide concepts), or to be in a bigger culture group, to have extra brother cultures and save promoted cultures slots.

    Accepted cultures 

    Government interface

    The participant has the power to promote a culture to make it accepted or to demote it, eradicating it from accepted cultures.

    • The participant can promote any culture in his nation that has not less than 20 cored improvement in a state. It prices 100Diplomatic power.pngdiplomatic energy, but it surely might be advantageous in the long term.
    • Demoting a culture from ‘accepted cultures’ prices 10 diplomatic and provides +5National unrest.png unrest in all provinces with that culture, that can decay over time.

    Having not less than 5 completely different promoted cultures is an Age Objective within the Age of Absolutism.

    Max promoted cultures:

    Max promoted cultures.png+2 Base worth

    Max promoted cultures.png+1 Trading in silk

    Max promoted cultures.png+1 at diplomatic expertise ranges: eight, 14, 20, 26, 31

    Max promoted cultures.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses [Collapse]Policies
    • Humanist idea 5: Cultural Ties
    • Arakanese traditions
    • Ayutthayan traditions
    • Pattani traditions
    • Polish traditions
    • Shan traditions
    • Tumbuka traditions
    • Vindhyan traditions
    • Arawak idea 4: Tribal Tolerance
    • Athenian idea 2: Athenian Openness
    • Bahmani idea 3: Dakani Language
    • Beninese idea 6: Adoption of Benin Customs
    • Caucasian idea 1: Crossroad Of Cultures
    • Central Indian idea 4: Flexible Caste System
    • Fulani Jihad idea 6: Community of the Faithful
    • Kaffan idea 2: Minjo Usurpation
    • Lan Na idea 5: Red and Black Vassals
    • Lan Xang idea 1: Laotian Ethnic Diversity
    • Laotian idea 4: Laotian Ethnic Diversity
    • Lorraine idea 5: Two Languages, One Land
    • Mexican idea 2: The Republic of Indians
    • Moravian idea 5: German Quarters
    • Mossi idea 3: Nyonnyonse Vassals
    • Ottoman idea 1: Kanunnames
    • Rûmi idea 2: Sultan al-Sharq wa al-Gharb
    • Sligonian idea 3: Cultural Crossroads
    • West African idea 7: Maintain Minor Kings
    • Mal

    Cultural union

    Cultural unions will mechanically settle for all sub-cultures inside their respective culture group. Any nation can develop into a Cultural Union (CU) of its culture group upon reaching the Empire rankEmpire government rank, or 1000 improvement if the participant doesn’t have the Common Sense DLC. As a part of this transformation, it’s attainable for a number of nations to be a CU for a similar culture group. A nation can develop into an empire as a part of a choice, occasion, reaching a sure improvement stage or by upgrading the federal government rank; Cultural Unions make it in order that brother cultures do not must be promoted to be accepted by the nation.

    Penalties for unaccepted cultures

    A province with a non-accepted culture will present much less tax and have larger unrest alongside different penalties. A province with a culture in the identical culture group, however not the identical culture because the proprietor will get lighter penalties:

    Same culture group (Culture title will likely be in yellow, can have a star subsequent to their names on the culture tab)

    Local tax modifier.png −15% Local tax modifier
    Local manpower modifier.png −15% Local manpower modifier
    Local sailors modifier.png −10% Local sailors modifier

    Different culture group (Culture name will be in red)

    Local tax modifier.png −33% Local tax modifier
    Local missionary strength.png −2% Local missionary strength
    Local manpower modifier.png −33% Local manpower modifier
    Local sailors modifier.png −20% Local sailors modifier
    Local unrest.png +2 Local unrest

    Republican Cultural Sufferance

    Republics get an additional cultural sufferance modifier in different culture-group provinces. This stacks with the usual penalty, mitigating but not eliminating it.

    Local tax modifier.png +10% Local tax modifier
    Local manpower modifier.png +10% Local manpower modifier
    Local sailors modifier.png +5% Local sailors modifier
    Local unrest.png −0.5 Local unrest

    Culture conversion

    The culture of a province could be modified to a different culture if the province is cored by its proprietor, has the identical faith as its proprietor and has no Separatism unrest. The price for changing culture is 10 diplomatic power per development[2] and the length for the change to happen is 10 months per improvement[3]. Like coring prices, culture conversion prices are capped at 30 improvement, so enhancing a 30 improvement province is not going to improve the price of changing its culture. Sieges and occupations will pause culture conversion however is not going to cancel it, the culture conversion will proceed as quickly because the province is liberated, though conversion will likely be cancelled if the province’s possession adjustments. If the conversion is cancelled earlier than progress reaches 10%, all diplomatic factors will likely be refunded.

    A province can have its culture modified to the first culture of the province’s proprietor. With The Cossacks, a province’s culture will also be modified to any owned neighbouring province’s culture or its culture could be restored to no matter it was initially. Changing to neighbouring culture could be helpful if the neighbouring culture is accepted or near being accepted.

    Converting a province from culture A to culture B will incur a relations hit with each nation whose main culture is culture A.


    The cultural conversion price modifier reduces solely the diplomatic energy wanted to alter a province’s culture. The time wanted for the change to be full can’t be diminished.

    After making use of “Culture conversion cost” modifiers, the associated fee is raised to a minimal of Diplomatic power.png 1 per improvement.[4] Then the next modifiers apply multiplicatively:

    −25% if the province borders one other owned province with the specified culture (adjacency bonus)[5]
    −50% if the province is being restored to its unique culture (unique culture bonus)[6]
    −80% if the province is abroad and is the nation’s major faith (abroad province bonus[7]

    \text<span synonyms==\min\left(30;\text\right)\cdot\max\left(1;10\cdot\left(1+\sum\text\right)\right)\cdot\left(1+\text\right)\cdot\left(1+\text\right)\cdot\left(1+\text\right) ” />

    Culture conversion cost.png Triggers
    −25% Enlightenment.png Enlightenment
    −15% Parliament.png “Assimilation and Settlement Policy” active issue

    Ideas and policies:

    Culture conversion cost.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses [Collapse]Policies
    • Fully Religious
    • Karamanid idea 1: Mehmet Bey’s Firman
    • Influence-Religious: Cultural Unity
    • Ando idea 5: Integration of Other Cultures
    • Ionian idea 7: Ionian Academy
    • Nizhny Novgorod idea 7: Russian Ambition
    • Lunda idea 5: Warrior Migrations
    • Kongolese idea 5: Aggressive Migration
    • Aragonese ambition
    • Divine ambition
    Decisions and events: 
    Culture conversion cost.png Event modifier Trigger Duration
    −5% Itinerant Capital Ethiopian event: “The Itinerant Capital”

    Option: ‘Actively encourage the cultural conversion of the countryside.’
    for 10 years.
    −15% One Language of Government Spanish event: “Grammar of the [Root.Culture.GetName] Tounge”

    Option: ‘Adopt [Root.Culture.GetName] as the language of our administration.’
    until ruler changes.
    −10% Pushing the Tatars Back Russian mission: “Drive Back the Tatars” for 15 years.

    Primary nation

    Most cultures have a main nation. These nation will hold uncontested cores indefinitely[8], as long as their cores are in provinces of their culture – culture conversion will power these cores to obey the conventional 50/150 12 months expiry timers for cores relying on whether or not or not the brand new culture is identical culture group because the nation with a core there. Primary nations of every culture could be discovered within the record under.

    Lost cultures[edit]

    Cultures within the Lost Cultures group don’t exist at recreation begin, however could be created as customized nations or in the course of the invasion. The solely culture that may be re-discovered is the Roman culture by Restoring the Roman Empire that adjustments the first culture of the nation. All provinces with the previous nation’s main culture will change to Roman culture.

    Culture teams

    Note that culture teams are usually not simply primarily based on linguistic standards – for instance, Romanian is grouped with the Carpathian cultures because of cultural similarities and for gameplay functions, although Carpathian will not be a linguistic household.

    Primary nations of every culture are listed to the suitable of every culture.

    Owning all provinces of the participant nation’s culture group is an Age Objective within the Age of Reformation. This possession does not embody colonial nations; if the participant nation desires to fulfil this Age Objective whereas pursuing the Age Objective of getting not less than 5 colonial nations, the participant has to alter the culture of the provinces earlier than the colonial nation is fashioned.



    • ChaharFlag of Chahar Chahar
    • KazakhFlag of Kazakh Kazakh
    • KhalkhaFlag of Khalkha Khalkha
    • KyrgyzFlag of Chagatai Chagatai
    • MongolFlag of Mongolia Mongolia
    • OiratFlag of Zunghar Zunghar
    • TurkmeniFlag of Khiva Khiva
    • UyghurFlag of Yarkand Yarkand
    • UzbekFlag of Uzbek Uzbek


    • AimaraFlag of Charca Charca
    • ChimuanFlag of Chimu Chimu
    • DiaguitaFlag of Calchaqui Calchaqui
    • QuechuaFlag of Cusco Cusco


    • Het
    • Huarpe
    • MapucheFlag of Mapuche Mapuche
    • Patagonian


    • EstonianFlag of Estonia Estonia
    • LatvianFlag of Livonia Livonia
    • LithuanianFlag of Lithuania Lithuania


    • AmericanFlag of United States United States
    • EnglishFlag of England England
    • ScottishFlag of Scotland Scotland
    • WelshFlag of Wales Wales


    • ArakaneseFlag of Arakan Arakan
    • BaiFlag of Dali Dali
    • BurmeseFlag of Taungu Taungu
    • ChinFlag of Manipur Manipur
    • Kachin
    • Karen
    • TibetanFlag of U-tsang U-tsang
    • YiFlag of Yi Yi


    • GothicFlag of Theodoro Theodoro
    • GreekFlag of Greece Greece
    • PonticFlag of Trebizond Trebizond


    • CaddoFlag of Caddo Caddo
    • PawneeFlag of Pawnee Pawnee
    • WichitaFlag of Wichita Wichita


    • CaribFlag of Carib Carib
    • LokonoFlag of Arawak Arawak
    • Maipurean
    • Taino


    • HungarianFlag of Hungary Hungary
    • RomanianFlag of Wallachia Wallachia
    • SlovakFlag of Nitra Nitra
    • TransylvanianFlag of Transylvania Transylvania


    • ArmenianFlag of Armenia Armenia
    • CircassianFlag of Circassia Circassia
    • DagestaniFlag of Gazikumukh Gazikumukh
    • GeorgianFlag of Georgia Georgia


    • HighlanderFlag of Gaeldom Gaeldom
    • IrishFlag of Ireland Ireland

    Central Algonquian

    • AnishinabeFlag of Ojibwe Ojibwe
    • CreeFlag of Cree Cree
    • IlliniFlag of Illiniwek Illiniwek
    • Mesquakie
    • ShawneeFlag of Shawnee Shawnee

    Central American

    • AztecFlag of Aztec Aztec
    • Chichimecan
    • PurepechaFlag of Tarascan Tarascan
    • Tecos
    • TotonacFlag of Totonac Totonac

    Central Indian

    • GarjatiFlag of Garjat Garjat
    • GondiFlag of Gondwana Gondwana
    • JharkandiFlag of Jharkhand Jharkhand


    • CaranFlag of Quito Quito
    • Miskito
    • MuiscaFlag of Muisca Muisca


    • CantoneseFlag of Yue Yue
    • GanFlag of Ning Ning
    • HakkaFlag of Huai Huai
    • HubeiFlag of Xi Xi
    • JianghuaiFlag of Ming Ming
    • JinFlag of Jin Jin
    • MiaoFlag of Miao Miao
    • MinFlag of Min Min
    • ShandongFlag of Qi Qi
    • SichuaneseFlag of Shu Shu
    • WuFlag of Wu Wu
    • XiangFlag of Chu Chu
    • XibeiFlag of Shun Shun
    • ZhiliFlag of Yan Yan
    • ZhongyuanFlag of Liang Liang


    • ChokweFlag of Chokwe Chokwe
    • Jukun
    • KongoleseFlag of Kongo Kongo
    • KubaFlag of Kuba Kuba
    • LubaFlag of Luba Luba
    • LundaFlag of Lunda Lunda
    • MbangalaFlag of Kasanje Kasanje
    • MbunduFlag of Ndongo Ndongo
    • Sawabantu
    • YakaFlag of Yaka Yaka


    • AfarFlag of Aussa Aussa
    • AmharaFlag of Ethiopia Ethiopia
    • HarariFlag of Harar Harar
    • OromoFlag of Jima Jima
    • SidamoFlag of Kaffa Kaffa
    • SomaliFlag of Adal Adal
    • TigrayFlag of Medri Bahri Medri Bahri


    • KannadaFlag of Mysore Mysore
    • MalayalamFlag of Venad Venad
    • TamilFlag of Madurai Madurai
    • TeluguFlag of Golkonda Golkonda

    East Bantu

    • Bena
    • Malagasy
    • SwahiliFlag of Kilwa Kilwa
    • Takama
    • Thagiicu

    East Slavic

    • ByelorussianFlag of Polotsk Polotsk
    • KarelianFlag of Karelia Karelia
    • MuscoviteFlag of Muscovy Muscovy
    • NovgorodianFlag of Novgorod Novgorod
    • RuthenianFlag of Kiev Kiev
    • RyazanianFlag of Ryazan Ryazan

    Eastern Algonquian

    • AbenakiFlag of Abenaki Abenaki
    • DelawareFlag of Lenape Lenape
    • Mahican
    • MikmaqFlag of Mikmaq Mikmaq
    • PequotFlag of Pequot Pequot
    • PowhatanFlag of Powhatan Powhatan

    Eastern Aryan

    • AssameseFlag of Assam Assam
    • BengaliFlag of Bengal Bengal
    • BihariFlag of Tirhut Tirhut
    • NepaliFlag of Nepal Nepal
    • OriyaFlag of Orissa Orissa
    • SinhaleseFlag of Ceylon Ceylon


    • Aleutian
    • Inuit


    • BuryatFlag of Buryatia Buryatia
    • ManchuFlag of Manchu Manchu
    • Tungus
    • Yakut
    • YukaghirFlag of Khodynt Khodynt


    • AquitanianFlag of Toulouse Toulouse
    • BretonFlag of Brittany Brittany
    • BurgundianFlag of Burgundy Burgundy
    • FrancienFlag of France France
    • GasconFlag of Guyenne Guyenne
    • NormanFlag of Normandy Normandy
    • OccitanFlag of Provence Provence
    • WalloonFlag of Hainaut Hainaut


    • AustrianFlag of Austria Austria
    • BavarianFlag of Bavaria Bavaria
    • DutchFlag of Netherlands Netherlands
    • FlemishFlag of Flanders Flanders
    • FranconianFlag of Ansbach Ansbach
    • PommeranianFlag of Pomerania Pomerania
    • PrussianFlag of Prussia Prussia
    • RhenishFlag of Hesse Hesse
    • SaxonFlag of Saxony Saxony
    • SwabianFlag of Wurttemberg Wurttemberg
    • SwissFlag of Switzerland Switzerland
    • WestphalianFlag of Hannover Hannover

    Great Lakes

    • GandaFlag of Buganda Buganda
    • Masaba
    • RwandaFlag of Rwanda Rwanda


    • AvadhiFlag of Oudh Oudh
    • HindviFlag of Delhi Delhi
    • KashmiriFlag of Kashmir Kashmir
    • PanjabiFlag of Punjab Punjab


    • AndalusianFlag of Granada Granada
    • AragoneseFlag of Aragon Aragon
    • BasqueFlag of Navarra Navarra
    • CastilianFlag of Castile Castile
    • CatalanFlag of Catalonia Catalonia
    • GalicianFlag of Galicia Galicia
    • LeoneseFlag of León León
    • PortugueseFlag of Portugal Portugal


    • AfghanFlag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
    • AzerbaijaniFlag of Ardabil Ardabil
    • BaluchiFlag of Baluchistan Baluchistan
    • KhorasaniFlag of Khorasan Khorasan
    • KurdishFlag of Ardalan Ardalan
    • LuriFlag of Luristan Luristan
    • MazandaraniFlag of Mazandaran Mazandaran
    • PersianFlag of Persia Persia


    • CherokeeFlag of Cherokee Cherokee
    • HuronFlag of Huron Huron
    • IroquoisFlag of Iroquois Iroquois
    • SusquehannockFlag of Susquehannock Susquehannock


    • KyushuanFlag of Otomo Otomo
    • SaigokuFlag of Mori Mori
    • TogokuFlag of Japan Japan


    • CharruanFlag of Charrua Charrua
    • GeFlag of Tapuia Tapuia


    • AinuFlag of Ainu Ainu
    • KamchatkanFlag of Kamchadals Kamchadals


    • KoreanFlag of Korea Korea


    • LigurianFlag of Genoa Genoa
    • LombardFlag of Milan Milan
    • MalteseFlag of Malta Malta
    • NeapolitanFlag of Naples Naples
    • PiedmonteseFlag of Savoy Savoy
    • RomagnanFlag of Ferrara Ferrara
    • SardinianFlag of Sardinia Sardinia
    • SicilianFlag of Sicily Sicily
    • TuscanFlag of Tuscany Tuscany
    • UmbrianFlag of Urbino Urbino
    • VenetianFlag of Venice Venice


    • BedouinFlag of Najd Najd
    • EgyptianFlag of Mamluks Mamluks
    • HejaziFlag of Hejaz Hejaz
    • KhaleejiFlag of Haasa Haasa
    • MahriFlag of Mahra Mahra
    • MashriqiFlag of Iraq Iraq
    • OmaniFlag of Oman Oman
    • SyrianFlag of Syria Syria
    • TurkishFlag of Ottomans Ottomans
    • YemeniFlag of Aden Aden

    Lost Cultures

    • Anglo-Saxon
    • Aramaic
    • Athenian
    • Atlantean
    • Babylonian
    • Etrurian
    • Hebrew
    • Jan Mayenese
    • Old Egyptian
    • Parthian
    • Phoenician
    • Pruthenian
    • Roman
    • Scanian
    • Scythian
    • Spartan


    • AlgerianFlag of Algiers Algiers
    • BerberFlag of Tlemcen Tlemcen
    • MoroccanFlag of Morocco Morocco
    • TunisianFlag of Tunisia Tunisia


    • BorneanFlag of Brunei Brunei
    • ChamFlag of Champa Champa
    • FilipinoFlag of Sulu Sulu
    • JavaneseFlag of Majapahit Majapahit
    • Madagascan
    • MalayanFlag of Malacca Malacca
    • Polynesian
    • SulawesiFlag of Makassar Makassar
    • SumatranFlag of Aceh Aceh


    • BambaraFlag of Segu Segu
    • BozoFlag of Jenné Jenné
    • DyolaFlag of Kong Kong
    • MaliFlag of Mali Mali
    • SonghaiFlag of Songhai Songhai
    • SoninkeFlag of Macina Macina


    • ChachapoyanFlag of Chachapoya Chachapoya
    • Jivaro


    • Chacoan


    • Highland Mayan
    • MayanFlag of Maya Maya
    • PutunFlag of Itza Itza
    • YucatecFlag of Xiu Xiu

    Mon Khmer

    • KhmerFlag of Khmer Khmer
    • MonFlag of Pegu Pegu
    • VietnameseFlag of Dai Viet Dai Viet


    • ChickasawFlag of Chickasaw Chickasaw
    • ChoctawFlag of Choctaw Choctaw
    • CreekFlag of Creek Creek


    • Athabascan
    • Chipewyan
    • Eastern ApacheFlag of Apache Apache
    • HaidaFlag of Haida Haida
    • NavajoFlag of Navajo Navajo


    • DanishFlag of Denmark Denmark
    • FinnishFlag of Finland Finland
    • NorwegianFlag of Norway Norway
    • SamiFlag of Sapmi Sapmi
    • SwedishFlag of Sweden Sweden


    • MixtecFlag of Mixtec Mixtec
    • TlapanecFlag of Tlapanec Tlapanec
    • ZapotekFlag of Zapotec Zapotec


    • Aboriginal
    • Melanesian
    • MoluccanFlag of Ternate Ternate
    • Papuan


    • ChinookFlag of Chinook Chinook
    • SalishFlag of Salish Salish
    • Yokuts

    Plains Algonquian

    • ArapahoFlag of Arapaho Arapaho
    • BlackfootFlag of Blackfoot Blackfoot
    • CheyenneFlag of Cheyenne Cheyenne


    • BilalaFlag of Yao Yao
    • FulaniFlag of Fulo Fulo
    • HausaFlag of Hausa Hausa
    • KanuriFlag of Kanem Bornu Kanem Bornu
    • SenegambianFlag of Jolof Jolof
    • TuaregFlag of Air Air


    • Catawba
    • ChiwereFlag of Fox Fox
    • DakotaFlag of Sioux Sioux
    • NakotaFlag of Assiniboine Assiniboine
    • OsageFlag of Osage Osage


    • KiowaFlag of Kiowa Kiowa
    • PimanFlag of Pima Pima
    • PuebloFlag of Pueblo Pueblo
    • ShoshoneFlag of Shoshone Shoshone

    South Slavic

    • AlbanianFlag of Albania Albania
    • BulgarianFlag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
    • CroatianFlag of Croatia Croatia
    • SerbianFlag of Serbia Serbia

    Southern African

    • Bemba
    • Khoisan
    • MakuaFlag of Makua Makua
    • Nguni
    • NyasaFlag of Maravi Maravi
    • ShonaFlag of Mutapa Mutapa


    • Acholi
    • BejaFlag of Beja Beja
    • NubianFlag of Funj Funj


    • AstrakhaniFlag of Astrakhan Astrakhan
    • BashkirFlag of Bashkiria Bashkiria
    • CrimeanFlag of Crimea Crimea
    • KazaniFlag of Kazan Kazan
    • MisharFlag of Golden Horde Golden Horde
    • NogaiFlag of Nogai Nogai
    • SiberianFlag of Sibir Sibir


    • Central ThaiFlag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya
    • LaotianFlag of Luang Prabang Luang Prabang
    • Northern ThaiFlag of Lan Na Lan Na
    • ShanFlag of Shan Shan
    • ZhuangFlag of Changsheng Changsheng


    • GuaraniFlag of Guarani Guarani
    • TupinambaFlag of Tupiniquim Tupiniquim


    • Ingrian
    • Ostyak
    • Samoyed
    • UralicFlag of Perm Perm

    West African

    • AkaFlag of Ashanti Ashanti
    • DagombaFlag of Dagbon Dagbon
    • FonFlag of Dahomey Dahomey
    • MossiFlag of Mossi Mossi
    • NupeFlag of Nupe Nupe
    • YorumbaFlag of Oyo Oyo

    West Slavic

    • CzechFlag of Bohemia Bohemia
    • PolishFlag of Poland Poland
    • SilesianFlag of Silesia Silesia

    Western Aryan

    • GujaratiFlag of Gujarat Gujarat
    • MalviFlag of Malwa Malwa
    • MarathiFlag of Marathas Marathas
    • RajputFlag of Mewar Mewar
    • SindhiFlag of Sind Sind


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