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AI personalities

The ruler persona varieties are as follows:Rulers of AI nations could have personalities that decide how they act. The explicit persona assigned to every ruler is strongly correlated with the class of their highest talent, with administrative, diplomatic, and army talent resulting in administrator, diplomat, and militaristic personalities respectively. Knowledge of this will help gamers predict the persona of an upcoming inheritor.

  • AdministratorThey will search to enhance their financial system by any means accessible, however are much less susceptible in the direction of struggle until it furthers their commerce pursuits.
  • BalancedThey will attempt to strike a steadiness between struggle, diplomacy and commerce, and can’t be counted on to behave in anybody explicit method.
  • ColonialistTheir pursuits lie in abroad growth and they’ll choose to keep up good relations with their neighbors at dwelling.
  •  DiplomatThey will search out highly effective pals and try and broaden diplomatically, however are far much less prone to go to struggle until they’re reclaiming misplaced territory.

  • Diplomatic rulers will attempt to preserve good relations with neighbors, and their diplomats can be preoccupied with improving relations moderately than fabricating claims on their neighbors. They will attempt to broaden by way of diplomatic vassalization if potential, usually breaking alliances with bigger nations simply to unencumber relation slots for that objective. The sturdy need for peace even provides them a a lot increased tolerance for different nations that maintain their core provinces. Alliances between nice powers are steadily because of the actions of diplomatic rulers.
    • MilitaristThey will search to broaden aggressively on the expense of their neighbors and are much more prone to go to struggle.
    Militarist rulers will relentlessly fabricate claims on neighboring provinces and launch wars of conquest. They choose to ally nations with sturdy militaries that may help them in struggle. They usually tend to maintain the wants your provinces destructive opinion on different nations, each when it comes to the variety of provinces desired and the magnitude of the destructive opinion. Even when negotiating peace offers, they are going to be inclined to demand extra from their opponents, and can steadily accumulate massive quantities of aggressive expansion because of this.

    Ruler personalities

    Rulers, together with heirs and consorts, achieve character traits that grant bonuses or penalties in addition to decide AI conduct. These traits can even affect occasions by including trait particular choices. Only the traits of the present ruler have an effect on the nation.

    The first trait is obtained upon reaching maturity on the age of 15, the second after actively ruling for 10 years, and the third after ruling for a further 15 years. A timer-chart exhibits the time left for the subsequent trait to look (if there may be one).


    • A participant can assign some traits whereas designing a customized nation with out solely fulfilling among the minor conditions, thereby bypassing them.
    • The trait All power costs.png kind column is only for comfort and doesn’t apply any additional restrictions on trait decisions (aside from what’s written within the conditions column).

    Positive traits

    Architectural VisionaryConstruction cost.  −10% Build costThis ruler is an Architectural Visionary. Improving the infrastructure is a necessity for any state of our age and this ruler is the one who can do it. Grand visions coupled with a great understanding and talent for keeping costs down makes this ruler a great asset to us.
    CalmStability cost modifier.  −10% Stability costThis ruler is Calm. By never losing temper or face our ruler will both inspire by example and be able to take well-thought-through decisions, allowing us to recover more quickly from any crisis the world might throw at us.
    ConquerorYears of separatism.  −5 Years of separatismThis ruler is a conqueror. We will be able to incorporate new lands into our realm more efficiently under this regime.
    FertileChance of new heir.  +50% Chance of new heirThis ruler is Fertile. Due to the natural predisposition of our ruler to have many children we are at little risk to be without an heir for long.
    Free ThinkerIdea cost.  −5% Idea costThis ruler is a Free Thinker. Unbound by strict doctrines our ruler encourages everyone to try new things and reason freely about where to take our great country in the future.
    IncorruptibleYearly corruption −0.05 Yearly corruptionThis ruler is Incorruptible. In many ways building a modern state is a constant battle against corruption. State officials are always tempted to take bribes and wanting to care for your friends and relatives is a natural human instinct. By firmly rejecting all such notion and fighting it with contempt our ruler sets an example for the entire country to follow.
    IndustriousGoods produced modifier.  +10% Goods produced modifierThis ruler is Industrious. Never content to rest and through increasingly long work days our ruler is constantly managing the details of every province in the realm to maximize the output and collected revenue for all resources under state control.
    JustNational unrest.  −2 National unrestThis ruler is Just. Due to a keen understanding of the many laws and customs of his realm our subjects trust us to rule rightfully and justly.
    LawgiverAutonomy.  −0.05 Monthly autonomyThis ruler is a Lawgiver. Legislation is what builds up and unites a realm. Our ruler is intent on reducing the hundreds of laws and customs of the various part of our realm to create a more centralized and just set of laws.
    Midas TouchedNational tax modifier.  +10% National tax modifierThis ruler is Midas-Touched. The talent to make every project profitable is a great asset to the ruler of a country. Our state coffers shall never want for money as long as our ruler remains.
    PiousDevotion.  +1 Yearly devotionThis ruler is Pious. Religiously devoted, spiritual and religious our ruler ensures that our state will not lose its course and inspire confidence in our faith.
    RighteousLegitimacy.  +1 Yearly legitimacyThis ruler is Righteous. Our people will be less likely to question our authority as they know that a righteous ruler always has their best interest in mind.
    ScholarTechnology cost.  −5% Technology costThis ruler is a Scholar. The ambition to learn about the world and the governing principles of men and nature makes our ruler able to understand and implement new technology much more efficiently than would otherwise be possible.
    TolerantTolerance heretic.  +1 Tolerance of hereticsThis ruler is Tolerant. Religious minorities will thrive during our regime.
    Well AdvisedPossible advisors.  +1 Possible advisorsThis ruler is Well-Advised. Always ready to listen to the wise council of others our ruler attracts a greater number of people to our court and cabinet.
    Well ConnectedAdvisor cost.  −20% Advisor costThis ruler is Well Connected. Our court and cabinet benefits from the wide network among the great minds of this era of our ruler.
    ZealotMissionary strength.  +1% Missionary strengthThis ruler is a Zealot. Being fanatically devoted to the true faith allows our ruler to inspire more people to convert and join the state religion.
    BenevolentLiberty desire in subjects −5% Liberty desire in subjectsThis ruler is Benevolent. Being seen as wanting to do good is a great asset when it comes to keeping our subjects calm.
    CarefulAggressive expansion impact.  −10% Aggressive expansion impactThis ruler is Careful. By carefully navigating around the various unspoken rules in interstate relations our monarch is able to lessen the impact of our actual transgressions.
    Charismatic NegotiatorDiplomatic reputation.  +1 Diplomatic reputationThis ruler is a Charismatic Negotiator. Through personal involvement in state diplomacy and negotiations our ruler is able to make others see things our way more often than would otherwise be possible.
    EntrepreneurTrade efficiency.  +10% Trade efficiencyThis ruler is an Entrepreneur. By seeing the potential for new projects in any obstacle or opportunity our ruler contributes to an ever growing number of projects to bolster our economy.
    ExpansionistGlobal settler increase.  +15 Global settler increaseThis ruler is an Expansionist. Our ruler is personally invested in the claiming and settlement of new lands and is dedicated to ensure that colonial expansion remain a top priority for our state.
    Intricate WebweaverSpy network construction.  +30% Spy network constructionThis ruler is an Intricate Web-Weaver. Constantly hatching new plots our ruler is able to personally take on a great part of the responsibility for foreign intelligence.
    Kind-HeartedWar exhaustion.  −0.05 Monthly war exhaustionThis ruler is Kind-Hearted. A great interest in the common men and women of the realm has made our ruler well-loved and our country more resistant to harsh times in general and the ravages of war in particular.
    NavigatorShip durability +10% Ship durabilityThis ruler is a Navigator. Personal involvement in everything from the curriculum for officers to the procurement of good charts and the rules and laws for shipping ensures that our ships aren't lost as often as those of our neighbors.
    SecretiveForeign spy detection.  +20% Foreign spy detectionThis ruler is Secretive. A natural instinct to keep doors closed and letters encrypted trickles down and will make our entire government harder to infiltrate for our enemies.
    Silver TongueImprove relations.  +20% Improve relationsThis ruler is considered to have a Silver Tongue. In our communication with other state our ruler is able to present our past actions in much more favorable lighting. Once our neighbors see the reasons for our actions they are much more likely to forgive us in the long run for any transgressions.
    Bold FighterLand leader shock.  +1 Land leader shockThis ruler is a Bold Fighter. Believing Shock to be of great importance on the battlefield our ruler is never fearful of the consequences and encourages everyone to lead their troops right into the midst of the enemy should the situation require it.
    Fierce NegotiatorMercenary maintenance.  −25% Mercenary maintenanceThis ruler is a Fierce Negotiator. We will have an easier time convincing mercenary captains to fight for our cause for less pay than they would otherwise demand.
    Inspiring LeaderMorale of armies.  +5% Morale of armiesOur ruler is an Inspiring Leader. Great personal leadership can lead to even the most cowardly men to finding their courage.
    Martial EducatorArmy tradition decay.  −1% Yearly army tradition decayThis ruler is a Martial Educator. Under the current regiment the education and training of our officer corps is one of our highest priorities.
    StrictDiscipline.  +5% DisciplineThis ruler is Strict. Due to taking a great interest in the behavior of the troops our ruler is able to instill a strict sense of discipline in everyone in our ranks, from the lowest to the highest.
    Tactical GeniusLand leader maneuver.  +1 Land leader maneuverThis ruler is a Tactical Genius. A great personal interest and investment in battlefield maneuvers and feints will result in a much greater interest and experience in these matters for all our generals.
    ImmortalImmortal Ruler won't die of old ageThis ruler has found a way to cheat death and potentially live forever. While immune to disease and old age, they may still die from physical violence.

    Negative traits

    CruelNational unrest.png +2 National unrestThis ruler is seen as Cruel. Widespread tales of arbitrary and cruel actions by our ruler personally has greatly upset many of our subjects. This may not be enough to incite a rebellion in itself but any crisis is going to hit public opinion harder as nobody lacks for reasons to revolt.
    EmbezzlerYearly corruption +0.05 Yearly corruptionThis ruler is an Embezzler. One of the things that drive our ruler is a great will and talent to use the state revenue for increasing personal wealth.
    GreedyNational tax modifier.png –10% National tax modifierThis ruler is Greedy. State revenue collection is growing increasingly iron-fisted and short-sighted under our ruler who will stop at nothing to try to increase our income. Destroying or harming every source of revenue the long term effects of this short-sighted behavior is a great decrease of tax income.
    InfertileChance of new heir.png –25% Chance of new heirThis ruler is Infertile. Due to reasons beyond our control our monarch seems to have a much harder time than most to produce an heir.
    Obsessive PerfectionistConstruction cost.png +10% Build costThis ruler is an Obsessive Perfectionist. A keen interest in detail and minutiae is not always coupled with an equal talent for such things. Constantly causing interruptions and delays our ruler is doing a lot more harm than good when it comes to developing our internal infrastructure.
    SinnerTolerance own.png –2 Tolerance of the true faithThis ruler is widely regarded as a Sinner. Personal shortcomings in the leadership of our country have turned the religious establishment against us.
    Babbling BuffoonDiplomatic reputation.png –1 Diplomatic reputationThis ruler is considered to be a Babbling Buffoon. While our ruler means well by personally engaging in diplomacy with our neighbors this is not coupled with a talent for conducting negotiations. Anyone is likely to have a harder time seeing the points we want to make and many of our negotiations are hampered by the ineptness of our ruler.
    IndulgentTrade efficiency.png –10% Trade efficiencyThis ruler is Indulgent. Always seeking relief from a general apathy our ruler indulges in great amounts of stimulants as alcohol. Having an indulgent ruler reflects poorly on the entire country.
    Loose LipsForeign spy detection.png –20% Foreign spy detectionOften personally responsible for information breaches and leaks this ruler is generally too trusting and easily fooled. Unfortunately the sum of this is that our ruler does more harm than good to our counterespionage efforts.
    MalevolentLiberty desire in subjects +5% Liberty desire in subjectsThis ruler is seen as Malevolent. The actions of your ruler are often seen as motivated by malice or hostile intent. As a result any subject countries under our control are quick to anger and fear any action we take.
    Naive EnthusiastImprove relations.png –20% Improve relationsThis ruler is a Naive Enthusiast. Blindly rushing ahead and constantly underestimating the consequences of our ruler ensures that our neighbors will be slower to forgive slights and transgressions.
    CravenMorale of armies.png –5% Morale of armiesThis ruler is Craven. Desperately fearful of physical combat our ruler stays as far away from the battlefields as possible. Our troops can't help but notice that they are on their own.

    Leader traits

    Military leaders might achieve a singular trait after taking part in a battle (no matter its consequence). The possibilities of getting a trait are elevated the upper the Army tradition.png military custom or Navy tradition.pngnavy custom gained in that battle.

    While most traits may be gained with out fulfilling any prior necessities, a number of require the presence (as effectively composition) of explicit unit varieties inside the military/fleet earlier than one could also be gained.

    Battlefield MedicGeneralReinforce speed  +33% Reinforce speedThis General is known as a Battlefield Medic. A larger than normal number of soldiers under this leader will be able to recover after battle to reinforce their unit back to strength.
    Born to the SaddleGeneralCavalry flanking ability  +50% Cavalry flanking abilityThis General was born to the Saddle. Cavalry led by this leader will be able to make better use of their flanking advantage.
    CannoneerGeneralArtillery combat ability  +10% Artillery combat abilityThis General is a Cannoneer. Known for a great fascination with gunpowder and cannons artillery commanded by this leader will be more efficient.
    Defensive PlannerGeneralShock damage received  –10% Shock damage receivedThis General is a Defensive Planner. Any troops lead by this leader will be more resilient to shock.
    Glory SeekerGeneralPrestige from land battles  +50% Prestige from land battlesThis General is a glory seeker. Troops lead by this general will acquire more Prestige and Army Tradition than they otherwise would as they are always deployed where they will make the most visible difference.
    Army tradition from battles +50% Army tradition from battles
    Goal OrientedGeneralMovement speed  +10% Movement speedThis General is Goal Oriented. Troops commanded by this leader will march more quickly towards their goal.
    Hardy WarriorGeneralLand attrition  –20% Land attritionThis General is known as a Hardy Warrior. Troops commanded by this leader will be more resilient to harsh conditions and suffer less attrition.
    Inspirational LeaderGeneralRecover army morale speed  +10% Recover army morale speedThis General is an Inspirational Leader. Troops commanded by this leader will be quicker to regain morale in the face of defeat.
    Master of ArmsGeneralInfantry combat ability  +10% Infantry combat abilityThis General is a Master of Arms. Infantry commanded by this leader will be more efficient and be able to deal more damage.
    RuthlessGeneralLand fire damage  +10% Land fire damageThis General is Ruthless. Troops under the command of this leader will deal greater fire damage.
    Siege SpecialistGeneralSiege ability  +15% Siege abilityThis General is a Siege Specialist. Sieges commanded by this leader will be conducted in a more efficient manner and should be concluded more quickly.
    Accomplished SailorAdmiralMovement speed  +10% Movement speedThis Admiral is an Accomplished Sailor. Personal sailing expertise allows this leader to enhance the skills of all captains under him, ships commanded by the Accomplished Sailor will reach their destinations more quickly.
    BuccaneerAdmiralPrivateer efficiency  +15% Privateer efficiencyThis Admiral is a Buccaneer. Privateers commanded by this leader will be more efficient.
    ExtortionerAdmiralTrade efficiency  +15% Trade efficiencyThis Admiral is an Extortioner. Knowing how to best leverage an advantage of force allows our leader to do more with less and ships commanded by the extortioner will exert greater trade power than those lead by competing captains could.
    IronsideAdmiralShip durability +5% Ship durabilityThis Admiral is an Ironside. Ships commanded by this leader will suffer fewer damages than those commanded by other captains.
    Level-HeadedAdmiralMorale hit when losing a ship  –10% Morale hit when losing a shipThis Admiral is Level-Headed. By careful drill and a cool mind crews commanded by this leader will be more resilient to morale damage from received hits during naval combat.
    Naval EngineerAdmiralLocal ship repair  +25% Local ship repairThis Admiral is a Naval Engineer. Ships commanded by this leader will be able to recover more quickly from damages sustained underway or during naval engagements.
    Naval GunnerAdmiralHeavy ship combat ability  +10% Heavy ship combat abilityThis Admiral is known as a Naval Gunner. Constant drill of gunnery crews commanded by this leader means heavy ships will deal more damage.
    Naval ShowmanAdmiralPrestige from naval battles  +50% Prestige from naval battlesThis Admiral is a Naval Showman. Ships commanded by this leader will receive more prestige and naval tradition from battles.
    Naval tradition from battles +50% Naval tradition from battles
    Prize HunterAdmiralChance to capture enemy ships  +2% Chance to capture enemy shipsThis Admiral is a Prize Hunter. Captains commanded by this leader will be encouraged to seize more prizes and will capture more ships than others.
    Ram RaiderAdmiralGalley combat ability  +10% Galley combat abilityThis Admiral is a Ram Raider. Galleys commanded by this leader will be more efficient and deal more damage in naval battles.
    Ruthless BlockaderAdmiralBlockade efficiency  +25% Blockade efficiencyThis Admiral is a Ruthless Blockader. Ships commanded by this leader will be able to maintain a blockade much more efficiently.


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