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EU4 console commands
Europa Universalis 4 console commands

Europa Universalis IV Console Commands

Eu4 Console Commands are given below as per our specific post format.

Title of console command

Command text / cheats code [for <Europa universalis 4>]

In this section, it will be described that how cheats and mods can help a Europa universalis iv gamer to doom a specific area by choosing any name from  EU4 Province ID with development code list or by entering any code from EU4 Country Tags List in the console commands given below.

Directions: You can either locate the console command in the table, tap to get details for specific eu4 cheat code or go directly to the commands detail section just below the indexing table.


Table of Content

  1. Achievement test
  2. Administrative power
  3. Admiral creation
  4. Age of heir
  5. Ai additional info
  6. Ai for nation or tag

  7. Ai invalid
  8. Ai minister
  9. Ai positive responses
  10. Ai selflearning
  11. Annexes
  12. Army tradition
  13. Authority in country
  14. Auto save
  15. Backer province
  16. Balance data dump
  17. Base unrest
  18. Canals
  19. Canals reload
  20. Capital of tag
  21. Cardinal increment
  22. Cash money
  23. Casus belli
  24. Casus belli removal
  25. Chat sync
  26. Church power
  27. Claim
  28. Claim removal
  29. Clear console
  30. Clear global flag
  31. Clear province flag
  32. Collision debug
  33. Colonist
  34. Colonize province
  35. Color values print
  36. Combat infinity
  37. Combat sound
  38. Consort
  39. Controller of province
  40. Core addition
  41. Core removal
  42. Corruption
  43. Country modifier
  44. Culture change
  45. Date change
  46. Datecheck ignore
  47. Debug feature modes
  48. Debug info
  49. Devastation
  50. Diploaction stats
  51. Diplomatic enroute
  52. Diplomatic power
  53. Diplomatic relations
  54. Disaster progression
  55. Doom country
  56. Ducats addition
  57. Dump coutries
  58. Dump coutry national ideas
  59. Dump score data
  60. Dump the stats
  61. Ecocnomy reset
  62. Ecocnomy stats
  63. Event execution
  64. Event test
  65. Events validation
  66. Faction
  67. Faction unrest
  68. Faith defender removal
  69. Favor addition
  70. Fervor addition
  71. Flag global
  72. Flag print global
  73. Flag print province
  74. Flag set global
  75. Fog of war
  76. Fog of war disable
  77. Force disable
  78. Force enable
  79. Frame logging
  80. Fullscreen
  81. Game version
  82. Gamespeed
  83. General creation
  84. God mode
  85. God reset
  86. Golden age
  87. Gpu memory leak
  88. Gui
  89. Gui reload
  90. Harmonization progress
  91. Harmony in player
  92. Heightmap reloads
  93. Heir addition
  94. Help
  95. Horde unity
  96. Humans addition
  97. Idea group
  98. Imperial authority
  99. Imperial reforms
  100. Inflation increment
  101. Instituition embracement
  102. Interest country tag
  103. Interest country tag removal
  104. Interface reload
  105. Karma
  106. Kill cardinal
  107. Kill consort
  108. Kill heir
  109. Kill leader
  110. Kill ruler
  111. Knowledge refresh
  112. Lakes reload
  113. Leader’s personality trait
  114. Legitimacy increase
  115. Liberty desire
  116. Local autonomy
  117. Localisation reload
  118. Localization tag update
  119. Loyalty for estate
  120. Lucky nation
  121. Manpower increment
  122. Map areas
  123. Map mode
  124. Map randomize
  125. Map regions
  126. Map reload
  127. Map rendering
  128. March creation
  129. March removal
  130. Memory alert
  131. Memory leak
  132. Memory status
  133. Messages popup
  134. Migration time reset
  135. Military power
  136. Mission test
  137. Mission time reset
  138. Missionary
  139. Missionary progress
  140. Missions limitation removal
  141. Native uprising
  142. Natives addition
  143. Navy tradition
  144. Nudge tool
  145. Observation mode
  146. Observation mode removal
  147. Oos the client
  148. Opinion addition
  149. Papal influence
  150. Parliament issue
  151. Patriarch authority
  152. Permanent claim
  153. Piety addition
  154. Pirate in province
  155. Poll events
  156. Population addition
  157. Power up
  158. Powerspend reset
  159. Powerspend stats
  160. Prestige gain or increase
  161. Price info
  162. Print count and seed
  163. Prosperity progress
  164. Protectorate tag
  165. Province flag set
  166. Province modifier
  167. Province ownership
  168. Province ownership with core
  169. Provincemap reload
  170. Randomcount set
  171. Reformation
  172. Religion change
  173. Render backend
  174. Republican tradition
  175. Revolt in a province
  176. Revolution target
  177. Rival removal
  178. Ruler personality
  179. Ruler personality removal
  180. Run file
  181. Sailors increment
  182. Savefile
  183. Screenshots pausebanner
  184. Shader reload
  185. Siege win
  186. Soundrack change
  187. Spawn actor animation
  188. Spawn jan mayen
  189. Spawn unit
  190. Spectator mode
  191. Spies fail
  192. Splendor
  193. Sprite level forced
  194. Spy network
  195. Stability
  196. State for owner
  197. Strait vertex update
  198. Surrender
  199. Tag intergration
  200. Tag switch
  201. Technology level increase
  202. Terra incognita
  203. Texture reload
  204. Texture usage
  205. Time display
  206. Time info
  207. Time reset
  208. Time restart
  209. Time start
  210. Time stop
  211. Touch test
  212. Trade winds reload
  213. Treemap reload
  214. Trust
  215. Union formation
  216. Vassalize tag
  217. Victory cards enable
  218. War declaration
  219. War deletion
  220. War exhaustion
  221. War score
  222. Window open or close
  223. Yesman

Achievement test

test_achievement [<achievement>]

Tests a specific achievement.

Administrative power

adm [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Get administrative power points (if not specified, gives 999)

Admiral creation

admiral [<fire>] [<shock>] [<maneuver>]
[<siege>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Create an admiral

Age of heir

add_age [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Set age of current heir to 15 years.

AI additional info


Toggles additional AI info

AI for nation or tag

ai(ai) [<Target Country Tag>]

Enables/Disables AI for all nations or a specific tag

AI invalid


Print invalid AI command counts

AI minister

ai_minister [<0 = army, 1 = diplomacy, 2 = trade>]

Enables/Disables specific AI ministers

AI positive responses


Toggles AI positive responses (on: always accept; off: normal response)

AI selflearning


Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI


annex [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Annexes the specified tag without adding cores

Army tradition

army_tradition [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds army tradition to the player

Authority in country

authority [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Add to a country’s authority (Inti religion)

Auto save


Triggers an autosave.

Backer province

add_backer [<prov id>]

The province becomes a backer of the current issue in the parliament.

Balance data dump


Balance data dumped to game.log, with regions (development,number of provinces) and countries (tax, manpower, development, number of forts).

Base unrest

add_baseunrest [<Province ID>] [<Base Unrest>]

Adds base unrest to a province.



Debug canals on map

Canals reload


Reload the canal bitmaps

Capital of tag

discover [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Discover capital of target tag

Cardinal increment


Adds 1 new cardinal to a Catholic nation.

Cash money

cash (Insert Number) [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Extra Money

Casus belli

add_cb [<casus belli tag>] [<target country tag>]
[<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Add casus belli against target country. EU4 Casus Belli Tag List have complete details about cheat codes.

Casus belli removal

remove_cb [<casus belli tag>] [<target country tag>] 
[<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Remove casus belli from target country.  EU4 Casus Belli Tag List have complete details about cheat codes.

Chat sync

reinitchat []

Posts a CChatSyncAllCommand

Church power

church_power [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds church power to the player (Protestant religion)


add_claim [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds a claim to the province.

Claim removal

remove_claim [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Remove claim

Clear console


Clears the console

Clear global flag

clr_consort_flag [<Tag>] [<Flag>] OR clr_flag [<Flag>]

Clears a global flag

Clear province flag

clr_prov_flag [<Flag>] [<Province>]

Clears a flag from a province

Collision debug


Toggles debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision


add_colonist [<Country tag>]

Adds a colonist to the country.

Colonize province

colonize [province ID]

Colonizes and cores an unsettled province (and gets some prestige). The province retains its original culture and religion.

Note: Works also for settled provinces and keeps any previous owner’s core.

Color values print

rgb(rgb) [<Amount>]

Prints desired amount of random color values to game.log

Combat infinity


Infinite combat

Combat sound


How often does the combat view give a random sound 0-50


add_consort [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL]
[<Origin Country Tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds a consort from a tag

Controller of province

control [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Changes the controller of the province.

Core addition

add_core [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Add core

Core removal

remove_core [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Remove core


corrupt [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Sets the corruption of the country to the given amount.

Country modifier

country_modifier [<country tag>] [<Modifier type>]

Show country modifier values.

Culture change

culture [<Province ID>]

Changes culture on a province to your primary culture

Date change

date [date in format yyyy.mm.dd]

Changes current date

Datecheck ignore


Ignore the date check for enroute diplomats

Debug feature modes


Makes some debug features available. Displays province ID, country tag, and border distance when mousing over provinces.

Debug info


Toggles Debug infodebug_info Toggles Debug info


add_devastation [<Province ID>] [<Progress>]

Add devastation to a provinceadd_devastation [<Province ID>] [<Progress>] Add devastation to a province

Diploaction stats 


Prints out global diploaction statistics to game.logdiplocount Prints out global diploaction statistics to game.log

Diplomatic enroute

add_diplo [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds diplomatic enrouteadd_diplo [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds diplomatic enroute

Diplomatic power

dip [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Get diplomatic power points (if not specified, gives 999)

Diplomatic relations


Print summary information about currently active diplomatic relations. to console

Disaster progression

disaster [disaster_key]

Adds 100 progress to a disaster


Doom country

doom [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Add to a country’s doom (Nahuatl religion)

Ducats addition

cash [<Amount> OPTIONAL] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds ducats to the treasury. Default is 5000 ducats.

Dump coutries


Dump all countries that have generic national ideas to game.log

Dump coutry national ideas

show_ideas [<Country tag>]

National ideas of the specified country dumped to game.log

Dump score data


Score data dumped to game.log

Dump the stats


Stats dumped to game.log

Ecocnomy reset

reset_economy []

Resets global economy statistics

Ecocnomy stats

economy []

Prints out global economy statistics to game.log

Event execution

event [event id] [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL]
[<Option id> OPTIONAL]

Executes an event

Event test

testevent [<Event ID>] [<Character ID>]

Tests an event without triggering it

Events validation


Validates all events without triggering it


add_faction [<factionname>]

Adds a Faction to your country

Faction unrest

add_unrest [<CID Type>] [<CID Index>] [<Unrest>]

Adds unrest to a faction

Faith defender removal


Removes the defender of the Faith for the players religion

Favor addition

favors [<Target Country tag>] [<Amount>]

Adds favors with target country

Fervor addition

fervor [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds fervor to the player (Reformed religion)

Flag global

set_flag [<Flag>]

Sets a global flag

Flag print global


Prints global flags

Flag print province

print_prov_flags [<Prov ID>]

Prints province flags

Flag set global

set_consort_flag [<Tag>] [<Flag>]

Sets a global flag

Fog of war


Toggles fog of war on/off

Fog of war disable

fow(debug_fow) [<Province ID> OPTIONAL]

Turns off fog of war in a province or in general

Force disable


Force disable Great Power frenzy!!!

Force enable


Force enable Great Power frenzy!!!

Frame logging


Toggles smooth frame logging



Toggles fullscreen

Game version


Prints the game version


gamespeed [speed (0-5)]

Set the current game speed, pausing the game at speed 0.

General creation

leader [<fire>] [<shock>] [<maneuver>] [<siege>]
[<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Creates a general with the given values.

God mode


godmode on/off

God reset


Resets personal deity

Golden age

golden_age [<Country tag>]

Starts a golden age in that country. A tag is required.

Gpu memory leak

leak_gpu [Chunk size (bytes)] [Number of Chunks]

Leaks GPU memory



Toggles GUI on/off

Gui reload

reload [file name]

Reloads the gui or lua file

Harmonization progress

harmonization [<AMOUNT [0.0, 1.0]>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Sets to country’s Harmonization progress (Confucian religion)

Harmony in player

harmony [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds harmony to the player (Confucian religion)

Heightmap reloads


Reloads the heightmap

Heir addition

add_heir [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds an heir (The current heir is immediately killed.)



Displays “No help for you!” in the command box

Horde unity

horde_unity [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Set the unity of a horde

Humans addition

morehumans(humans) [num]

Adds more humans

Idea group

add_idea_group [<Idea group key>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]
power [<stability/tech_table_key/idea_key>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds the specified idea group

Imperial authority

imperial_authority [<Amount>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Increases the imperial authority of the emperor.

Imperial reforms

add_reformlevel [<Amount>]

Adds imperial reforms to the Holy Roman Empire

Inflation increment

inflation [<Amount>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Increase your inflation

Instituition embracement

embrace [<Province ID>] [<institution name> optional]

Embraces all institutions in a province

Interest country tag

add_interest [<Country tag>]

Add specified country tag to your interest

Interest country tag removal

remove_interest [<Country tag>]

Removes specified country tag from your interest

Interface reload


Reloads the entire interface


karma [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds karma to the player (Buddhist religions)

Kill cardinal

kill_cardinal [<Countrytag> OPTIONAL]

Kills first cardinal in the list

Kill consort

kill_consort [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL]

Kills your consort

Kill heir

kill_heir [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL]

Kills the heir of a tag

Kill leader


Kill a random leader with given death cause

Kill ruler

die(kill) [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL]

The ruler (of the specified country) is killed.

Knowledge refresh

refreshknowledgecount []

Refresh knowledge perf couner

Lakes reload


Reloads the lakes

Leader’s personality trait

set_leader_trait [<personality>]

Set selected leader’s personality trait

Legitimacy increase

legitimacy [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Sets the legitimacy of the current ruler

Liberty desire

add_liberty_desire [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds liberty desire

Local autonomy

add_local_autonomy [<Province ID>] [<Amount>]

Adds local autonomy to a province

Localisation reload


Reloads the localisation

Localization tag update

update_loc [localization tag]

Updates the localization tag file

Loyalty for estate

add_loyalty [<Target Estate>] [<Amount>]

Adds loyalty to target estate
The estates have the following identifier:

Lucky nation

lucky [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Toggles lucky nation status.

Manpower increment

manpower (Insert Number) [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Extra manpower (in thousands)

Map areas


Reload map areas

Map mode

mapmode [Mapmode type (int)]

Change mapmode.

Map randomize

map_random [<seed=-1>] [<restore>] [<nosmooth>] 
[<nosmoothcoasts>] [<topology>] [<terrain>] [<colormap>]
[<minimap>] [<rivers>] [<trees>]

Randomize new world part of map (heightmap, terrain )

Map regions


Reload map regions

Map reload


Reloads the map

Map rendering


Toggle map rendering with vertex textures

March creation

create_march [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

The specified tag becomes a march (of the actor country).

March removal

remove_march [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

make a march the specified tag

Memory alert


Simulates a low memory alert and tries to reduce memory usage

Memory leak


Leaks memory

Memory status


Prints out the used memory

Messages popup


Toggles all messages popup

Migration time reset


Resets the time you’ll have to wait until migration is allowed again.

Military power

mil [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Get military power points (if not specified, gives 999)

Mission test

testmission [<Mission Name>]

Tests a mission without triggering it

Mission time reset

reset_mission_cancel [<Country tag>]

Resets time to new mission after cancelling old one.


add_missionary [<Country tag>]

Adds a missionary to a country

Missionary progress

setmissionaryprogress [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>]

Sets the missionary progress for a province.

Missions limitation removal


Removes the limit of number of major missions to choose from

Native uprising

native_uprising [<ProvinceID>]

Create native uprising in given province

Natives addition

add_natives [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>]

Add natives to given province (100× [<Amount>])

Navy tradition

navy_tradition [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds navy tradition to the specified country

Nudge tool


Go to the nudge tool

Observation mode

observe_mode []

Changes to the observe mode

Observation mode removal


Switches to play no country at all, and no longer shows messages or pauses the game

Oos the client


Make the client go oos

Opinion addition

add_opinion [<Actor Country tag>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Add opinion to/from tag

Papal influence

add_pi [<Country tag>]

Add papal influence to tag

Parliament issue

add_issue [<issue tag>]

Adds issue to a parliament.

Patriarch authority

add_pa [<Country tag>]

Add patriarch authority to tag

Permanent claim

add_permanent_claim [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Add permanent claim

Piety addition

piety [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds piety. (Muslim religions) (default: +10)

Pirate in province

pirate [<Province ID>]

Starts a Pirate in a province

Poll events


Polls valid Events

Population addition

population [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>]

Adds population to a province. (Only for colonies.)

Power up

powerpoints [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Get power in all powers. Maximizes monarch points if no number specified.

Powerspend reset

reset_powerspend []

Resets global powerspend statistics

Powerspend stats

powerspend []

Prints out global powerspend statistics

Prestige gain or increase

prestige [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Adds prestige. Gives 5 prestige if no amount is given.

Price info


Price Info to game.log

Print count and seed


Prints random count and seed

Prosperity progress

add_prosperity [<Province ID>] [<Progress>]

Add progress towards prosperity to a province’s state.

Protectorate tag

protectorate [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Protectorate the specified tag

Province flag set

set_prov_flag [<Flag>] [<Province>]

Sets a flag for a province

Province modifier


Show province modifier values.

Province ownership

own [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Changes ownership of a province

Province ownership with core

own_core [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Changes ownership of a province and adds core

Provincemap reload


Reloads the provincemap

Randomcount set


Sets the randomcount to 0 or arg


reform [<Target Province ID>]

Begin reformation in the specified province ID

Religion change

change_religion [<province ID>] [<religion>]

Change religion of the province
The religions identifier are:

Catholic: catholic
Protestant: protestant
Reformed: reformed
Orthodox: orthodox
Coptic: coptic
Sunni: sunni
Shia: shiite
Ibadi: ibadi
Theravada: buddhism
Vajrayana: vajrayana
Mahayana: mahayana
Confucian: confucianism
Shinto: shinto
Hindu: hinduism
Sikh: sikhism
Animist: animism
Fetishist: shamanism
Totemist: totemism
Inti: inti
Nahuatl: nahuatl
Mayan: mesoamerican_religion
Norse: norse_pagan_reformed
Tengri: tengri_pagan_reformed
Jewish: jewish
Zoroastrian: zoroastrian

CK2 Converter Religions:

Bogomilist : bogomilist
Cathar: cathar
Druze : druze
Fraticelli : fraticelli
Hellenic : hellenic_pagan
Hurufi : hurufi
Iconoclast : iconoclast
Jainism : jain
Karaite : karaite_faith
Kharijite : kharijite
Lollard : lollard
Manichean : manichean
Mazdaki : mazdaki
Messalian : messalian
Monophysite : monophysite
Monothelite : monothelite
Nestorian : nestorian
Paulician : paulician
Romuva : baltic_pagan_reformed
Samaritan : samaritan_faith
Slavic: slavic_pagan_reformed
Suomenusko: finnish_pagan_reformed
Waldensian : waldensian
Yazidi : yazidi
Zikri : zikri
Zunist : zun_pagan_reformed

Render backend


Reports what render backend is used

Republican tradition

add_republican_tradition [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Get republican tradition

Revolt in a province

revolt [<Province ID>]

Starts a Revolt in a province

Revolution target

revolution_target [<CountryTag>].

Sets the revolution target.

Rival removal

remove_rival [<Country tag>]

Removes a rival.

Ruler personality

add_trait [<personality tag>, <heir> OPTIONAL, <consort> OPTIONAL]

Add ruler personality

Ruler personality removal

remove_trait [<personality tag>]

Removes a ruler personality.

Run file

run []

Runs effects in specified file

Sailors increment

sailors (Insert Number) [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Extra sailors



Creates an savefile.

Screenshots pausebanner


Toggles the pausebanner for nicer screenshots.

Shader reload

reloadfx [Arguments: map/mapname/postfx or *.fx filename]

Reloads the shader

Siege win

siege [<Province ID>]

Wins the siege in the specified province

Soundrack change


Changes the currently playing soundtrack.

Spawn actor animation

spawnactor [<Actorname>] [<Province ID>] [<Animation> OPTIONAL]

Spawns an actor with an optional animation

Spawn jan mayen

bearhaslanded [<Province ID> OPTIONAL]

An unwise command to use. Spawns Jan Mayen.

Spawn unit

spawn [<Province ID>] [<SubUnit Type>]

Spawns an unit in a province. For example, “spawn 1 western_medieval_infantry” spawns a Latin Medieval Infantry in Stockholm. See the file names in the common/units folder for a complete list of <SubUnit Type>.

Spectator mode


Goes into Spectator mode

Spies fail

epicfail [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL]

Makes all spies of target country fail



Gives 1000 Splendor

Sprite level forced

spritelevel [<Sprite level>]

Sets a forced sprite level. Specify no argument to reset.

Spy network

spynetwork [<Target Country tag>] [<Amount>]

Adds spy network with target country


stability [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Changes the stability of the specified country (to maximum without value)

State for owner

state [<Province ID>]

Toggles State for owner of region of province.

Strait vertex update


Update strait vertex buffers




Tag intergration

integrate [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Integrates the specified tag into actor’s country (adds cores)

Tag switch

tag [<Country tag>]

Switch tag to another country

Technology level increase

tech [<AMOUNT>]

Gets levels in all technology types

Terra incognita

ti OR ti(debug_ti)

Toggles terra incognita on/off

Texture reload

reloadtexture [texture file name]

Reloads the specified texture

Texture usage


Prints texture usage

Time display


Displays the current time in the command box.

Time info


Prints out debug timing info

Time reset


Resets debug timing

Time restart


Restarts (resets and starts) debug timing

Time start


Starts debug timing

Time stop


Stops debug timing

Touch test


Testing touch

Trade winds reload


Reloads trade winds

Treemap reload


Reloads the treemap


trust [<Target Country tag>] [<Amount>]

Adds trust with target country

Union formation

form_union [<Country tag>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Forms Union with target

Vassalize tag

vassalize [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Vassalize the specified tag

Victory cards enable


Force enables victory cards in singleplayer

War declaration

declare_war [<attacker tag>] [<defender tag>] [<call willing allies>]

Declares war between two nations (no CB)

War deletion

delete_wars [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Delete wars without removing truces

War exhaustion

exhaust [<Amount>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL]

Alter your war exhaustion

War score


Gives max war score in all wars for the country

Window open or close

window(wnd) [Arguments: open/close] [window gui name]

Opens or closes the specified window



Toggle AI diplomatic responses (on: always accept; off: normal response)


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