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Europa Universalis 4 Province Name ID with Development Codes List
Europa Universalis 4 Province Name ID with Development Codes List

Europa Universalis 4 mods

For directions on mod, see modding

mod (quick for modification) is an alteration of the sport and the target of modding. Modifications can vary from small tweaks to whole conversions.

Mods may be downloaded and put in manually from User Modifications sub-forum (game registration needed), or robotically from the Steam Workshop.

The mod set up folder is:

  • Windows: ~\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod\
  • GNU/Linux: ~/.native/share/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV/mod/
  • Mac: ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV/mod/

Never set up mods within the Steam listing (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\frequent\Europa Universalis IV\mod), as mod wouldn’t be correctly loaded.

Check within the mod description the Europa Universalis IV model appropriate with the model of the mod. If wanted, rollback to an older patch, utilizing Steam Beta tab.

In case of handbook set up, the steps are normally the next (discuss with particular mod directions, if any):

  1. Remove any present set up of the mod (mod folder and .mod file). This is essential, as the sport hundreds all recordsdata current in mod folder, so previous mod recordsdata which might be now not current or have been renamed in a brand new model of the mod would battle.
  2. Clear your gfx cache, by deleting the folder ~\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\<mod_name>\gfx, if any.
  3. Extract the downloaded archive, in order that the mod folder comprises the .mod file and listing of the mod.
  4. Launch Europa Universalis IV and choose the mod within the Mod tab. Note that the mod could have a special title within the launcher than the title of the .mod file.
  5. Play!


Since you already know what the best Crusader Kings 2 mods are, I assumed it’s best to in all probability get the thin on the most effective additions to Paradox’s different grand technique romp: Europa Universalis 4. It’s received various, too.

Tweaks, fantastical overhauls, graphics enhancements – modders have given the sport loads of love. And whereas some mods have fallen by the wayside, there’s nonetheless a mountain of crackers to dig by way of.

All mods are appropriate with the newest model of the sport (1.21) except said in any other case.

Common Universalis

Let’s bounce straight into the deep finish with Common Universalis. There’s barely a single side of EU4 that this mod doesn’t have an effect on, burrowing its method into faith, vassal management, diplomacy… the entire equipment and caboodle.

“Common Universalis focuses on the engine – how all those stuffs work together, how the world evolves from 1444 to 1836 and how human and AI players make decisions,” explains creator Corpsemania. ”In Common Universalis, each nation can select its personal path to advance, each path has its issues, and each drawback has its options.”

It’s in governance the place the mod makes a few of its greatest adjustments, introducing wrinkles to managing large empires and making them really feel basically completely different from tiny nations. Trying to overcome the world means coping with a bloated empire the place corruption is rife and folks aren’t open to new concepts. Ruling over provinces additionally prices Governance Capacity, generated by the first tradition, however reforms can let you give extra authority to different cultures, embracing variety.

Imperium Universalis

Engine overhauls are grand, however they aren’t fairly as horny as conversions that change even the setting. Imperium Universalis casts EU4 again by way of time to 559BC, to the founding of the Achaemenid Empire. But don’t fear if you happen to don’t care about Cyrus the Great or Persian shenanigans, there’s additionally loads of Roman Empire dick-swinging, because the title suggests.

Though nonetheless in growth, the mod already boasts a whole lot of playable nations from antiquity, mechanics like Senate debates and historic occasions like that point Kirk Douglas kicked off a slave riot. You’ll additionally be capable of watch the rise of Christianity, which type of grew to become a giant deal. At the second, the crew’s in search of a brand new addition to assist with creating 3D unit fashions.

In antiquity, individuals needed to fear about this factor known as meals. What an odd time the previous was. Imperium Universalis simulates this with a meals system. Provinces and armies all want meals for growth and consumption, whereas sure provinces with the meals commerce good produce it each summer time, permitting it to both be exported or used to feed your hungry inhabitants. Along with grub, the mod additionally introduces slaves that may be taken from battles, however you may be much less of a dick by abolishing it solely.

A Song of Ice and Fire

If you’d somewhat conquer the Seven Kingdoms than the Roman Empire, you’ll wish to decide a House and bounce into A Song of Ice and Fire. With its give attention to nations and empires somewhat than dynastic intrigue, EU4 isn’t fairly the right match for George R. R. Martin’s fantasy world that Crusader Kings 2 is, however that is nonetheless a sturdy mod with a number of flavour and mechanical tweaks.

Ideas, buildings and faith have all been reworked to swimsuit the lands of Westeros and past, whereas nations have been changed by Houses – minor, nice and royal – together with Free Cities and clans. The Houses all act like impartial kingdoms, although they’re held collectively by the Iron Throne, successfully ASoIaF’s Holy Roman Empire.

Plenty of bookmarks imply that you could play a number of historic begins, however solely as one of many Great Houses, like Stark. If you wish to check out a minor home, you’ll want to make use of the Shattered bookmark, impressed by the Shattered Europa mod, which helps you to create alternate histories with better ease.


Crave Orcs and demonic invasions as an alternative of White Walkers? Then the Warcraft mod would possibly tickle your fancy. With its large, intricate map it covers each Azeroth and Outland, letting you’re taking management of any energy from Stormwind to the Burning Legion. It begins with the rise of the Horde and goes proper as much as Mists of Pandaria.

So far, the big crew has added quite a lot of customized icons taken from WoW, new governments, fel and holy religions, magic, and even the bizarre know-how of the Gnomes and Goblins. Nations have their very own National Ideas in addition to cultural quirks, and there’s a mess of choices and occasions impressed by Warcraft’s venerable historical past.

MEIOU and Taxes

Gigau and the remainder of the MEIOU and Taxes crew have barely left any a part of EU4 untouched, transforming some elements, utterly changing others. 4,000 provinces, over 920 nations, new non secular and commerce programs, up to date graphics and even a brand new musical rating – it’s huge.

New options embody a extra elaborate growth system that takes under consideration every part from insurance policies to buildings, additional concept teams, warfare dynamism and completely reworked autonomy and westernisation mechanics. Be warned although: it’s a beefy mod that can in all probability make the sport run a bit slower.

Shattered Europa

Shattered Europa takes the alternate historical past conceit of EU4 and cranks it as much as 11. Every nation that has a core is playable, splitting the world up into tiny, squabbling states. It’s not a battle of tremendous states, it’s a messy, chaotic brawl.

Along with the Shattered Europa 1444 begin, the mod additionally throws in a number of completely different alternate bookmarks for good measure, letting you attempt to assemble France or unite Europe in opposition to the would possibly of the offended Ottomans.

The mod’s authentic creator has stopped engaged on it, however PirateAE and Moon Moon have picked up the torch and up to date it for the newest patch.

Europa Universalis 4 to Victoria 2 Converter

Though they’re solely small, the converter mods proceed to be a few of my favourites. The Europa Universalis 4 to Victoria 2 converter takes your save from EU4 and lets you preserve enjoying in Paradox’s 19th Century grand technique romp. It’s additionally appropriate with saves began in Crusader Kings 2, so you possibly can start your journey as a marauding Viking Jarl and finish it as one of many nice European powers getting ready for World War 2.

Extended Timeline

EU4’s most absurdly formidable mod, Extended Timeline expands the scope of the sport to cowl every part from 2AD onwards, all the best way as much as the 12 months 9999. Almost 10,000 years of historical past is possibly an excessive amount of historical past for anybody to deal with, however if you happen to’ve received the time, go for it.

Impressively, begin dates comes with applicable leaders, cultures, religions, buildings and territory, and the mod provides a whopping 500 new nations to the sport and a whole lot of historic selections and occasions.

You can begin in current day, the ultimate bookmark, and attempt to wrest this runaway prepare again onto the tracks. Alternatively, start your journey on the peak of the Roman Empire and attempt to preserve it going for so long as potential. No DLC is required both, which is a bonus.

Honourable Mentions

Graphical Map Improvements

Makes the map look attractive.

Better UI

Changes the font measurement and makes some enhancements to menus.

Lord of Universalis
By DKStranger

Conquer the world with Hobbits… when it’s up to date for the brand new patch.

Post-apocalyptic EU4 with all of the Fallout factions. It’s at the moment old-fashioned and received’t work with the newest patch.

Extended Vanilla Experience
By Daniel

Overhauls the bottom sport with out making too many dramatic adjustments. It’s solely been up to date to 1.18, nevertheless.

Europa Duckversalis

Quack quack

And that’s your lot. But not likely, as a result of Europa Universalis 4 has extra mods than there are nations. I’ve nearly definitely not noted your favorite, so be happy to lambast me within the feedback, or simply be good and let individuals know what they’re lacking.




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