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Europa Universalis 4 WAR SCORE AND WAR GOALS
Europa Universalis 4 WAR SCORE AND WAR GOALS

Europa Universalis 4 WAR SCORE AND WAR GOALS?

Hey I do desire to ask one of that the city on your perspective on the war goal and war score system out of europa universalis. Can you find such features in a entire warfare match?
Personally, I addore this particular system. Listed below are my explanations why they truly are great, and I think that they might succeed at a tota l warfare.
The machine
Having warfare aims provides war circumstance, you did not simply begin a war to your own lolz, but alternatively because of this and that reason has to be performed to acquire said warfare.
War score could make peace discussions easier, and much more based the way a war went afterward the way that it really is present.
Can it perform well in rome 2?
To tell the truth it’s difficult to state about the warfare score section, but allow me to explain my argument for adding warfare objectives.
When I mentioned war goals contribute wars circumstance; pontus only ended their commerce agrement on you, this happened to enable you to get many money in order that you announce war (together with the warfare aim to jelqing commerce agreement), whenever you triumph at the serenity negontiations it’s possible to require a trade deal (and even any money for missed profits). If you require more afterward your warfare aims warrant then you definitely may resemble a greedy *** and also a tyrrant and also other factions will dislike you longer.
To place this right into a historicle and gameplay view circumstance:
There in which a total of three punic wars.
The very first punic war has been launched by rome; yet to select the carthaginien colonies on sicily (that you’d have warfare goal shoot settlemnt x ray or what, maybe a bit more technical however you have the idea). Rome won the very first punic war and required the carthaginien lands on sicily.
The 2nd punic war has been launched by Carthage, (to tell the truth that I am uncertain of this historicle goal of the warfare, however, gameplay wise it’d happen to be subjegate rome or some thing similar to I suppose).
From the next punic war rome wanted to deal the killing blow into carthage, and thus they really did thus I suppose that the warfare goal behind this could have been some thing such as annex or even subjegate.
Exactly what exactly do you guys think?

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