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Europa Universalis IV Formable Nations
Europa Universalis IV Formable Nations

Europa Universalis IV Formable Nations

This Mod provides many attention-grabbing formable nations to the sport. Even extra nations are going to be included sooner or later. By now the mod comprises over 40 new formable nations. The mod works in english and german language.

The mod comprises international locations in…

Holy Roman Empire
-European Union
-North German Confederation
-Rhine Confederation
-Lower Saxony
-East Prussia

Italy and Spain
-Roman Empire
-Italian Merchant Alliance
-Adriatic Empire
-Two Sicilies
-Euskal Herria (Basque Country)

Northern Europe
-Baltic Union
-Celtic Union
-United Kingdom
-North Sea Empire
-Angevin Empire

Eastern Europe
-Soviet Union

Asia and Africa
-Himalayan Empire

Country Tags:

ABY – Abyssinia, ADR – Adriatic Empire, AHU – Austria-Hungary, ALL – Alsace-Lorraine, ALP – Alpland, ANG – Angevin Empire, BEL – Belgium, BRM – Burma, BSQ – Euskal Herria, BTC – Baltic Union, BVE – Bremen-Verden, CAU – Caucasia, CEU – Celtic Union, CHN – China, CIS – Cisalpina, CZE -Czechoslovakia, EPR – East Prussia, ERO – Emilia-Romagna, EUR – Europe, FIB – Franco-Iberia, FRC – Franconia, FRL – Frisia, HNS – Hansa, HEN – Hesse-Nassau, HIM – Himalayan Empire, IBE – Iberia, IMA – Italian Merchant Alliance, LSX – Lower Saxony, LVE – Lombardy-Venetia, MGH – Maghreb, NGC – North German Confederation, NSE – North Sea Empire, PON – Pontus, RHE – Rhine Confederation, ROE – Roman Empire, SBG – Siebenbürgen, SNO – Sweden-Norway, SOV – Soviet Union, SWB – Swabia, TAT – Tatarstan, TRR – Turkey, TSI – Two Sicilies, UKI – United Kingdom, YUG – Yugoslavia

Not compartible with mods that edit provinces or province IDs (like Extended Timeline).

If you want my work favourite and charge the mod. That’s the one means mods will be unfold within the steam workshop. Thank you!

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