From a long forgotten vault That Your diplomat has discovered A record of authentic and verified credibility. It demonstrates beyond any doubt that you’re the owner of this fantastically valuable state right across the boundary. However, just how exactly to maintain your birthright? Those villains wont hear reason, wont return, so it is the right time to get ready for war!


Here are the very first in a brand new series of guides How to Better perform Paradox’s Europa Universalis I V, a match with several features you while the gamer have to attempt to master. This is somewhat daunting, and maybe not every thing inside the game introduces itself in an evident method. This guide consists of high ideas about the best way best to get ready for a war. We’ll do future manuals on actually fighting wars, economical methods & suggestions along with whatever else which people believe will desire researching.


The Ideas and information presented here is correct at the Time of That the 1.20 Patch and the Mandate of Heaven expansion, that published on April 6th, 20 17.


The Pre War checklist


Armies – Boost army maintenance & delegate generals.


Politics – Assess that the status of one’s allies as well as the enemies.


Finance – Create a war weapon for military care and replacing troops


Enemies – Assess army technologies parity, comparative Care and military dimensions


The Master Plan – Assess geography, enemy mood, crucial warfare Aims.


Your military ought to be near your own Force Limit as labour And finances permit, with up your forces into this limitation a long time until you intend on announcing war. Exotic fresh troops only in front of a war will drain your work 1k a new regiment, and you’re going to want that later. Individual cousins must possess two cavalry, while they supply vital flanking bonuses at conflict. At the first a century decide to try to recruit more as cavalry do amazing damage while in the shock period. But an excessive amount of cavalry (more than 50 percent for western states) and also you may undergo an ‘Insufficient Support’ penalty.


Armies also needs to possess 1 artillery to Help with Sieges, even though you typically wont possess this till approximately 1492 if you don’t lucky/smart using technology. As time advances artillery does greater damage in conflict, therefore from the following game goal to get a 1:1 ratio of cannon to front soldiers.


The Army Maintenance slider Ought to Be set to 100 percent and all Army ethical pubs have packed completely. It is going to automatically jump to 100 percent up on announcement of war, but if your peace-time care is very low (an average of to conserve money) it can take weeks for the own cousins to recover whole morale.